Our research goes in the direction of the shimmering dimension of sound. With the kaleidoscope of electroacoustic technologies we explore the world of sound in all its forms, we investigate the multiplicity of emerging sonic structures of the world. We are five Neapolitan composers of Concrete Music interested in improvisational practices. Our personal research on sound comes together in the Ka’e project: organic matter in Giampietro, worldless sounds in Bosso, the expanded vocality in Montella, the spirituality of resonant sound in Laudante, the deconstructed guitar in Martusciello. The result is ad libitum sound canvases.

Partenope entrelacement

It is a specific project of ours that draws inspiration from “entrelacement”, a mostly medieval French narrative technique which consists of multiple interlacing stories to each other. In our case it is about bringing to light 10 short stories of a secret, magical Naples. This sound narrative technique gives the listener the feeling that these mysterious facts are happening "around him" with extreme realism. These are stories that appeal directly and exclusively to the sound, with no possibility of going beyond reduced listening: encapsulated stories deeply in the sound matter itself.